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Grief Short, but very tight. Highly varied music. Favorite track: (dis)Closure.
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"We're just a ship against the ocean"
Navio, São Paulo, Brasil 2014.


released April 7, 2014

Felipe Flip, Vocal
Alexandre Jesus, Drums
Allan Flores, Guitar
Fernando Rivadávia, Guitar
Folha Leaf, Bass



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Navio Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Track Name: (dis)Closure
Even if I try to smack down your rubber face
I'll speak so many harsh words until I get so (fucking) tired
Untie me of your vulgar sense
You only raise my anger
Another Crush... I don't even care except
When I cut myself it hurts me more
Cursed Race
The pleasure of a broken bone
Is better than build a castle alone
(You Only Raise My Anger)
Another Crush... I don't even care except
When I cut myself it hurts me more
Even your abasement jail can't lock me here
Even your endless systematic walls of fear
Now my fingers turn into keys and I can get out of this.
Track Name: Maestro Joker Casino

I am the way for your success
Insert these coins in my “dream machine”
Insert this texan gun in my mouth
Because here, adrenaline is not for free
You're just one ball in my roulette, rolling to fun me
Luck, Red or Black will falls on Green
Hey, Come and Play Right Now
You're just one drop of water in the stream
Cause Now, You're just one more ball
In roulette you will fall
Take your dice and choke your fears again...
Goddamn! (Oh Shit!)
A rain of nickels and a torrent of glamour
In a cup of dollars
To quench your ego's thirst
Null and Nil say that you go
But we know you never will
With cheats and bluffs, cards around the fingers and vices to win
Yeah, that's the way I fucking like it, bitch
Yeah, that's the way I like it
So choke, your fears and sink in
Choke your Fucking Fears!
Hey! Come and play right...
Now, You're just one more ball
In roulette you will fall
Take your dice and choke your fears again...
TAKE! Take your dice again and... Take!
Take! Take your dice again and insert these coins in my “dream machine” and put this Texan gun in my mouth
You are Broke!
Game over!
Track Name: Monophobia
Track Name: Kraken
Your ship worth nothing
but now it's mine anyway
Your flag doesn't meanAnything
It's a blindfold for your fiancée
King of all the scarlet suns
Your crown is your anchor
Deathbed of a faLling swan
Where hearts are the traitors
The Storm is comming, painting the sky
Can you perceive this or are you blind?
Wood and gold are all the same
And your soul can't be saved
So my peer arms of hate
Shall bring you down to the grave
Captain the Sea Dried UP,
What Remained Were Corals and Bones
They all can be vanished by the Wind,
But the shells still echo in the hands of our Child
You Are Nothing But I Loved You Anyway
Track Name: Memento
Track Name: The River (ISAAC's SONg)
We're sunshine lure, Kids barefoot and pure.
Swimming here for hours, singing to birds and flowers.
Between golden waters and orange skies.
Nowadays blind to our eyes.
If we could start over?
Tall houses & sand, Awakes me from this pain.
Old pictures can bring us back to a place so bright, a place so good.
Sunshine obfuscate our sights
Take off the worries of our minds
Afterwards, jaded we’re fall asleep and I'll miss you,
We can't buy hours.
If we could start over?
Track Name: Queen Anne's Revenge
Captain, the ship is sinking!
So you must drown with your wife
Those birds won't save your life
Come go, see through the lights
Can you feel so proud disappointment they did into the prow?
This treasure is not so valued
Now there's a heavy anchor
Where once should beat a heart
Godamn! You could be an Icon, but you're all ignored
Can you feel so proud what disappointment did into the prow?
This treasure is not so valued, Mermaid is not as pretty as she seems

Your betrayal compass won't take you back to your past,
beard that appoints no vanity, no more heart to face your enemies

Captain... Please... Tell me that’s not true...
Your eyes two dead oceans
When you sink the sharks won't forgive you.