Queen Anne's Revenge

from by Navio



Captain, the ship is sinking!
So you must drown with your wife
Those birds won't save your life
Come go, see through the lights
Can you feel so proud disappointment they did into the prow?
This treasure is not so valued
Now there's a heavy anchor
Where once should beat a heart
Godamn! You could be an Icon, but you're all ignored
Can you feel so proud what disappointment did into the prow?
This treasure is not so valued, Mermaid is not as pretty as she seems

Your betrayal compass won't take you back to your past,
beard that appoints no vanity, no more heart to face your enemies

Captain... Please... Tell me that’s not true...
Your eyes two dead oceans
When you sink the sharks won't forgive you.


from Navio, released April 7, 2014
Felipe Flip, Vocal
Featuring Stéphanie Jobst
Alexandre Jesus, Drums
Allan Flores, Guitar
Fernando Rivadávia, Guitar
Folha Leaf, Bass



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Navio Sao Paulo, Brazil

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